Mabuhay - welcome to the Philippine Islands!!!

“Hardly anywhere does the nature lover find a greater fill of boundless treasure than in the Phillipines. So little known and seldom visited… yet no land is pleasanter”. - In the words of German explorer Fedor Jagor over a century ago.

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Much of what Fedor Jagor wrote 100 years ago continues to remain true today. Despite the development of modern life in the Philippines, one third of the country still remains inhibited. The richly diverse environment and culture makes this tropical paradise a wonderful place to visit providing so much for every explorer.

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The small tear dropped shaped island is still very much an unexploited tropical paradise, with secret lagoons, dramatic coves, a verdant hinterland of coconut groves, and a tropical coast of palm trees and dazzling beaches. Set in the middle of the pacific this is simply surfer’s heaven, or the closet thing from heaven on earth...

Welcome in Paradise!!!



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